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Muhammad Najmi Bin Bohari is a Singapore-registered professional engineer (and an ASEAN Chartered PE) whose passion lies in the area of power quality. He graduated from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University with a Master of Science Degree in Power Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Formerly from Quality Power Management Pte Ltd, he headed its Power Quality & Engineering Analysis Unit in conducting works like power system & power quality studies, assessment on buildings’ earthing & lightning protection system and investigations on possible causes of equipment failures or nuisance tripping issues.

Prior to that, Najmi served in SP PowerGrid’s Power Quality & Transient Management section, where he specialized in power quality investigation & analysis, voltage dip sensitivity tests and worked with Customers on compliance to power quality requirements for new supply, distributed generation and Grid-Tied Solar PV connections. He was also a regular speaker in SP PowerGrid’s biennial public seminar, the “Power Systems Reliability & Quality Workshop”.

Najmi has continued to conduct numerous presentations / training in the area of power quality. His latest regional presentation was at the 20th Annual PQSynergyInternational Conference and Exhibition 2022 in Bangkok Thailand.

Currently he runs an engineering & consulting company, Potentia Dynamics Pte Ltd. In his free time, he writes on this blog to share his views and experiences in this fascinating world of power quality.

For queries, kindly contact him.

Recent works – selected

  • Third Party Consultancy Study on Power Distribution System Condition Study of a Light Rapid Transit System (Review of Load Flow and Power Quality aspects) – Singapore
  • Analysis of Power Quality Data (Assessment of the quality of supply for the connection of Medical Diagnostic Equipment) – Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore
  • Power Quality Assessment (LV and up to 230kV) for the Connection of Distributed Generation / Grid-Tied Solar / Energy Storage Systems – various projects, Singapore
  • Harmonics Analysis & Study at a specialty chemical plant – Singapore
  • Power Systems Study (Protection Discrimination Review) at a hard-disk manufacturing plant – Singapore
  • Arc-Flash Study at a Test & Manufacturing Facility – Singapore
  • Protection Coordination Study (HT/LT) for a High-rise Telecommunications Building – Singapore

Recent Talks / Short Courses

  • Singapore Institute of Technology’s Power Quality and Reliability class – Guest Lecturer
  • Harmonics – An Overview
  • Power Quality Training (2-day course for GE Healthcare)
  • Unitest Instruments Seminar on “Know Your Power Quality” – Keynote speaker
  • SS601: COP for Maintenance of Grid-Tied Solar PV Power Supply System (Aspects on Local PQ requirements)
  • Power Quality In Building Services – Case Studies and Examples from Singapore
  • Unitest Instruments Workshop – Power Quality
  • Unitest Instruments Workshop – Electrical Safety

Updated: 20-01-2024

Welcome to powerquality.sg

Welcome to powerquality.sg

Power quality isn’t a new word or term. It has been around for ages. However if one is to search around, there isn’t much information available with regards to this topic here in Singapore.
It is very much still a niche area in the local electrical engineering scene.

Hence, the birth of this blog/site. It is the author’s intention to fill this gap of information here in this website and at the same time a platform to share the author’s views & experiences gained in the subject.

The author is currently the Lead Engineer at Potentia Dynamics Pte Ltd, an engineering & consulting company.

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